February Moon

Samstag | 31.08.2019 | 16:30

In the dark, when the melancholy of night lets you wander to the furthest corners of your mind, when your deepest feelings and unresolved questions come alive; that’s when the February Moon appears.

February Moon takes you into their personal, dreamy world with their alternative popmusic inspired by bands like Daughter, Sigur Rós and The XX. Sometimes fragile but also intense and mesmerizing, the band takes you on a journey. Roaming around thoughts, accompanied by a delicate piano at one moment, but then overwhelmed by a ‘wall of sound’, the feeling hits you.

In February 2017 February Moon released their first EP in a sold out Merleyn in Nijmegen. The first of February, 2018 February Moon will release a new live EP: the ‘Woodstock Sessions’, a series of 4 live videos recorded at the Woodstock Recording Studio in Enschede.