Helhorse have toured Europe and Denmark several times and have played with acts like Torche, Kadavar Danzig and Zakk Wylde.

However, the last two years , Helhorse has truly soared, playing high profile events like Roskilde Festival, Copenhell and , in 2015 exploding into opening slots for AC/DC and, in December, Slayer.

Helhorse’s 3rd album, which had a stellar team behind it.

Michael Beinhorn (Soundgarden, Hole, Ozzy Osborne, Marylin Manson) worked on pre- production and as musical advisor, Lior Goldenberg ( Stone Temple Pilots , Alanis Morrisette) mixing the album and Maor Appelbaum (Faith No More) on mastering. The 3rd album is expected to be released, early 2016.

In May 2016, Helhorse released their third album. This time with a large, world wide release through Spinefarm / Universal. The album was released to great acclaim in the international press, getting great reviews in Metal Hammer UK, Vision Magazine, GAFFA and many more.  The release also saw the band getting commercial airplay for the first time, scoring heavy rotation on My Rock (DKs biggest Rock station) and in Swedish, American and UK radio.

Summer of 2016 saw Helhorse play a totally packed second stage of Copenhell,, as well as Malmø Festival and in September will embark on Danish and European shows.

The organization behind the band is strong. Danish based management Bonkers have secured and continue to secure strong , long term strategies and connecting all the dots.

All booking activities will be supervised and controlled by Anders Wind from 3rd Tsunami (Volbeat), and the final touches are being made on an international album release deal through Spinefarm Records (Ghost, Atreyu, Anti-Flag). These three parties combined with a strong international booking partner will definitely open the doors for a 2016 that will prove that Scandinavia has a new strong rock act that’s going to hammer down the stages of the world.

Vocals: Mikkel Wad Larsen

Vocals & Rhodes: Aske Kristiansen

Guitar: JakobMøgelcunt

Guitar & Backing vocals: Stephan C. Krabsen

Bass: Theis Thorgersen

Drums: August VintherOttsen